About Us


as agreed at the Annual General Meeting on 20th June 2018

1. NAME: Churches Together in Lincoln and District (CTLD).


The purpose is to unite in pilgrimage those churches in Lincoln and district which, acknowledging God’s revelation in Christ, confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the Scriptures; and, in obedience to God’s will and in the power of the Holy Spirit commit themselves:

  • to seek a deepening of their communion with Christ and with one another in the Church, which is his body,
  • to fulfil their mission to proclaim the Gospel by common witness and service in the world, to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3. AIM

CTLD aims to be a signpost to unity, providing a means of co-ordinating action, sharing information, vision, and experience among the churches.  It is a forum for sharing concerns and promoting action, and encourages Christians to come together for worship, celebration, prayer and witness.  CTLD encourages each church to share with others the treasure of its tradition.


4.1 Membership of CTLD is open to those churches and individuals who accept the Purpose and Aim above; and who indicate a desire to be part of its life.

4.2 Associate members, who cannot fully accept the Purpose or Aim in its entirety, are welcome to apply for membership of CTLD with the agreement of the Steering Group.  Associate members have voting rights and eligibility to hold office on the same basis as other members of CTLD.

4.3 Each member congregation shall be entitled to appoint a representative, with an alternate representative, to the Steering Group of CTLD.

4.4 There will be an Annual General Meeting of CTLD each year, with at least one other Open Meeting.


The day to day ordering of CTLD will be in the hands of the Steering Group, made up as follows:

Chair          - elected annually, to serve for a maximum period of two years.

Vice-Chair - elected annually, to serve for a maximum period of two years.

Secretary    - elected annually. 

Treasurer    - elected annually.

A representative from Churches Together in All Lincolnshire (ex-officio).

Representatives from member congregations as in 4.3 above.

The Steering Group can appoint at its discretion an Information Officer and a Social Media Officer.

The Steering Group will meet not less than three times a year.


The financial year begins on 1st April and subscriptions are due on that date each year.  Subscription rates are determined by CTLD from time to time at its Annual General Meeting.


Amendments to the constitution of CTLD may be made by the Annual General Meeting, providing one month’s notice has been given to member churches.



We are part of the following wider organisations:

  • Churches Together in all Lincolnshire (CTAL)
  • Churches Together in England (CTE)
  • Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI)